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TMV3 22mm/15mm Thermostatic Mixing Valve

TMV3 22mm/15mm Thermostatic Mixing Valve Image
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Thermostatic Mixing Valve 22mm/15mm (reducers)

Approvals: TMV2 and TMV3 (DO8)

Size: 22mm with 15mm reducers

Adjustable thermostatic mixing valve with check valves and strainers at the inlets.
Enhanced thermal performance device with anti-scald safety function.
Dezincification resistant alloy body.
Chrome plated.

Max. working pressure: 10 bar.
Max. inlet temperature: 85 °C

Certified to NHS D08, BS 7942,
EN 1111 and EN 1287.

Approvals: WRas, TMV2, TMV3


In some domestic hot water distribution systems there is a need to protect more vulnerable individuals against scalding caused by hot water, such as, for example, in hospitals, nursing homes or schools.

This particular series of thermostatic mixing valves has been specifically designed for this type of applications, for user outlets and installation at the point of use.

These thermostatic mixing valves ensure high thermal performance. They are able to control the temperature of mixed water supplied to the user accurately in case of variations in the inlet supply pressure or temperature, or in the flow rate.
They also feature a special anti-scald function which immediately shuts off the hot water flow in the event of cold water supply failure at the inlet.

The 5213 series mixing valves are certified in accordance with the established specification in the UK, NHS D08, standard BS 7942:2000 and standards EN 1111 and EN 1287

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