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Industrial HydroTaps

Industrial HydroTaps Image
Zip HydroTap G4 Boiling & Chilled Filtered Water for Heavy Duty locations - Models - HT1747UK, HT1748UK Top Touch tap or HT1744UK, HT1745UK

Download Zip's UK Specifiers Catalogue 2018

What size of unit do I need?

To make it simple follow these guidelines:


Number of persons            Recommend size

1 - 20                                 140/75

21 - 40                               140/75

41 - 60                             160/175

60 - 100                           240/175 

Industrial HydroTaps
HT1744UK IS160/175G4 Image

HT1744UK IS160/175G4
Zip HydroTap HT1744UK IS160/175G4 Industrial side touch Hydrotap heavy duty

HT1745UK IS240/175G4 Image

HT1745UK IS240/175G4
Zip HT1745UK IS240/175G4 Industrial side touch Hydrotgap heavy duty

HT1747UK IT160/175G4 Image

HT1747UK IT160/175G4
Zip HT1747UK IT160/175G4 Hydrotap Industrial top touch heavy duty

HT1748UK IT240/175G4 Image

HT1748UK IT240/175G4
Zip HydroTap HT1748UK IT240/175G4 Industrial top touch heavy duty