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Zip Hydroboil spares

Zip Hydroboil spares parts
Zip Hydroboil spares
Zip ZF010 Image

Zip ZF010
Zip ZF010 Descaler - 2 kg tub

Zip SP1026 Telescopic arm Image

Zip SP1026 Telescopic arm
Zip SP1026 Telescopic Arm Extension 30" for HG Hydroboil

Zip SP1272 Image

Zip SP1272
Zip Banjo Union seals (pack of 10)

Zip SP1532A Image

Zip SP1532A
Zip SP1532A Banjo Union screw

Zip SP1614T Image

Zip SP1614T
Zip SP1614T Thermal cut out / overload kit for Hydroboil

Zip SP2168 Image

Zip SP2168
Zip SP2168 Banjo Union O Rings (pack of 10)

Zip SP2646A Image

Zip SP2646A
Zip SP2646A Disc Valve assembly kit - HG Hydroboil

Zip SP2647A Jumper Valve Image

Zip SP2647A Jumper Valve
Zip SP99269 Safety Button for Hydroboil units

Zip SP6373 Image

Zip SP6373
Zip SP6373 Ball valve fixing fibre washers

Zip SP6584 Image

Zip SP6584
Zip SP6584 Ball valve fixin screws for HG series Hydroboil

Zip SP6393A Image

Zip SP6393A
Zip SP6393A float valve without ball float for Hydroboil

Zip SP6601A Image

Zip SP6601A
Zip SP6601a Zip element kit for 2 & 3 Ltr HG series Hydroboils 10994 - 2000

Zip SP88264 Image

Zip SP88264
Zip SP88264 Boiling tank for 5 Ltr HS Hydroboil c/w element and gasket

Zip SP88453 Image

Zip SP88453
Zip SP88453 3 Ltr hot tank lid gasket only

Zip SP88454 Image

Zip SP88454
Zip SP88454 5 Ltr hot tank lid gasket only

Zip SP90069 Image

Zip SP90069
Zip SP90069 Jumper valve kit with seals

Zip SP90081 Image

Zip SP90081
Zip SP90081 - Thermostat Kit 1.5 kW - 25 kW

Zip SP90083 Image

Zip SP90083
Zip SP90083 Float Valve kit with float

Zip 90102 Image

Zip 90102
Zip 90102UK Float Valve kit with nut and screw

Zip SP90110 Image

Zip SP90110
Zip SP90110 Hydroboil Fascia Light Kit

Zip SP90127 Image

Zip SP90127
Zip SP90127 Overload Kit

Zip SP90130 Image

Zip SP90130
Zip SP90130 Hydroboil Lid clips

Zip SP90132 Image

Zip SP90132
Zip SP90132 Hot tank lid & gasket kit

Zip SP90485 Image

Zip SP90485
Zip SP90485 Element kit 1.5 Kw 240V

Zip SP90486 Image

Zip SP90486
Zip SP90486 Element kit 2.4 Kw 240V

Zip SP90488 Image

Zip SP90488
Zip SP90488 Cold Cistern lid & gasket kit

Zip SP90490 Image

Zip SP90490
Zip SP90490 Gasket Kit

Zip SP90491 Image

Zip SP90491
Zip SP90491 Cleaning hole cover kit

Zip SP90493 Image

Zip SP90493
Zip SP90493 Transfer tube kit - 3 litres

Zip SP90494 Image

Zip SP90494
Zip SP90494 Transfer tube kit - 3 litres

Zip SP90495 Image

Zip SP90495
Zip SP90495 Banjo screw and o ring

Zip SP90496 Image

Zip SP90496
Zip SP90496 O Ring Kit

Zip SP90501 Image

Zip SP90501
Zip SP90501 Zip Hydroboil tap top assembly

Zip SP90502 Image

Zip SP90502
Zip SP90502 Zip Hydroboil tap top assembly

Zip SP90509 Image

Zip SP90509
Zip SP90509 Tap body kit for Hydroboil plus

Zip SP90517 Image

Zip SP90517
Zip SP90517 Fascia & lens kit

Zip SP90530 Image

Zip SP90530
Zip SP90530 Element kit 3 Kw HS010 - HS040

Zip SP90552 Image

Zip SP90552
Zip SP90522UK Cistern Jet/Nozzle Kit HB/AB

Zip SP90559 Image

Zip SP90559
Zip SP90559 Tap Handle kit - White, HS202 - HS208, HS302 - HS308

Zip SP90575 Image

Zip SP90575
Zip SP90575 3 Litre Level senor kit for HS403 - HS407

Zip SP90620 Image

Zip SP90620
Zip SP90620 Boiling tank temperature sensor probe

Zip SP90666 Image

Zip SP90666
Zip SP90666 PCB kit 10A for HydroTap G3 Boiling

Zip SP90732 Image

Zip SP90732
Zip SP90732 Red tap handle assembly for Hydroboil plus

Zip SP90742 Image

Zip SP90742
Zip SP90742 Hydroboil Plus Grey Fascia assembly

Zip SP90745 Image

Zip SP90745
Zip SP90745 Grey outlet nozzle for Hydroboil Plus

Zip SP93119 Image

Zip SP93119
Zip SP93119 Hydroboil Overload Kit - see details for suitable models

Zip 94501 Image

Zip 94501
Zip 94501 Red tap handle assembly for Hydroboil plus 2019 MODELS!

Zip SP99269 Safety Button Image

Zip SP99269 Safety Button
Zip SP99269 Safety Button for Hydroboil plus