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Spatec NI Ltd, offering a large selection of products for the plumbing, heating and electrical wholesale trade.

Air Vents  Separators    Deairators Image
Auto air vents, air separators

Supplying Watts, Caleffi and many others:

from 3/8" - 2"
Cosmetal Boiling Water Taps Image
Cosmetal Pro Stream Boiling filtered water

What is a Pro Stream?

The Pro-Stream water boiler is the most practical and quick solution to prepare tea, herbal teas and other hot drinks in just a few seconds!

Bypass Valves Image
Differential/Auto Bypass

Caleffi, Watts, Inta

Straight - Angled

For use on heating systems where control is by zone or thermostatic radiator valves
Spatec double check valves, brass, dzr, single check valves, swing flap checks
Clearance Image
Huge savings on clearance lines while stocks last.

You'll find fantastic one time deals!
Expansion vessel accessories Image
Expansion vessel accessories for sealed systems

Expansion Vessels Heating Image
Spatec widest choice of heating vessels, fixed membrane flat round Spatec offer the widest choice of heating vessels
Spatec offer the widest choice in heating expansion vessels from 8 Ltr - 1000 Ltrs, including oem and flat round and rectangular vessels

CMF fixed membrane expansion vessels for cooling and heating closed systems

Non replaceable membrane according to EN 13831 (Non potable)
Water connections: galvanized from 5 ltr to 35 Ltrs)
Red epoxy power coating
Manufactured according to 2014/68/UE Directive

Designed for heating installation in a closed circuit.

Expansion vessels Potable Image
Spatec supplying Ibaiondo and Zilmet potable expansion vessels Stocking the largest range of potable expansion Vessels from 160ml - 1000 Ltr including horizontal and flat vessels

Also used by well drillers and borehole companies

Welded steel tank.
Manufactured in accordance with PED 97/23/CE
Bladder according to the EN-13.831

Expansion Vessels Solar Image
Solar SMF expansion vessels

Suitable for closed solar energy systems

Special bladder that withstands temperature peak of 130 degrees C for one hour.

For greater safety it is recommended to install an intermediate temperature dissipating vessel.
Water connections: Galvanized from 5 ltr to 100 Litres and brass water connections from 220 to 1000 Ltrs.
Suitable for use with antifreeze up to 50%
White epoxy power coating
Manufactured according to 2014/68/UE directive

Tanks made of steel produced with two inlaid bottoms joined through welding cords.
Filters for water Image
Filters for water

Filters for BWT, Liff, Culligan filters, various types and lengths including commercial filters

Filters for oil Image
Aluminium oil filters from 3/8" - 1"

Fire Valves & Accessories Image
Both Oftec approved and wheel head oil valves

Foot Valves Image
Foot valves and strainer

from 3/4" - 4"
Gauges Image
Gauges, pressure, pressure and temperature, bottom, back connection.

Immersion Heaters Industrial and Willis Jackets Image
Industrial Immersion Heaters

Single or 3 phase - various Sizes, Lengths and Kilowatage available.

Specials can be made to order

Orkli Motorised Valves and actuators
Orkli domestic motorised valves various sizes and ports
Pressure Reducing Valves Image
Pressure reducing valve from 1/2" - 2" and 15mm and 22mm with or without gauge

Pressure/Safety Relief Valves Image

Order online at Spatec NI Ltd. To avoid over-pressure. For use with unvented systems, sealed systems and combi boilers

We carry an extensive range of pressure relief valves.

Availabile sizes: 1/2" - 2"

Designed to protect closed circuit water heating systems from over pressure that can build up as a consequence of heating the water or any other fault conditions that can result in excess pressure
Pressure and Temperature Relief Valves Image
Pressure & Temperature Relief valves

Designed to discharge excess pressure - over pressurization in unvented systems

1/2" x 15mm
3/4" x 22mm

Designed to discharge excess pressure or temperature which builds up inside sealed systems during fault conditions.
Prevents damage to sealed systems by relieving excess pressure.

DZR Brass body

CE compliant
Fully complies with BS EN 1490
Full CPR compliant

Radiator Valves Image
Looking for Thermostatic Radiator Valves or lockshields?

Thermostatic radiator valves designed. It is recommended that an automatic differential bypass valve be fitted on all TRV systems.

Manual lockshield valves

Spatec supplying Delabie, Inta and grohe showers taps and mixers
We are delighted to be able offer showering products from the market leaders:

Strainers Y for water & gas Image
Y pattern strainers

Passively filters debris and particles
Convenient inline design
Ease of maintenance

Available for water or gas

1/2" - 3" for water
15mm - 22mm for gas
Thermostatic Mixing/Blending Valves Image
Thermostatic Mixing/Blending Valves

Our domestic range of thermostatic mixing valves designed primarily for single outlet use. Delivering hot water to taps, showers, bidets and other water outlets, are ideal for use in hospital, schools and leisure centres.

Our Group Thermostatic mixing valves are designed for use in applications where a high volume of water is required at the outlet such as shower blocks and centralised mixing.
Timeflow showers Image
Timeflow showers for commercial and sporting facilities, school, offices, sports halls, hospitals
Tundish Image
Tundishes Straight, Angled

Various sizes
Unvented components/Kits Image
Components for unvented systems

Zip Water heaters Image
Zip provide the most energy efficient hot water solutions on the market.

Compact electronically controlled instantaneous water heaters for hand washing, sink, shower and baths.

Zip Inline instataneous water heaters are the most energy efficient means of directly heating water electrically.

Zip have pioneered under counter instant boiling water. Zip is sold in more than 70 countries. Specified for use in kitchens in hospitals, universities, school and public buildings of every kind as well as in homes.

Download Zip's UK Specifiers Catalogue 2018

Zip Hydroboil - Wall mounted water boilers Image
The Zip Hydroboil recently redesigned wall mounted water boilers, time saving, delivery boiling water instantly
Simple to use and reliable, what more could you ask for!

Zip Instant Boiling Water - Hydroboil, Econoboil Hydroboil Plus

No need to wait for the kettle to boil, with the recently redesigned Zip Hyroboil units.

Download Zip's UK Specifier catalogue


 Model No:                     

Size Ltrs

Cups* at one time

Cups* per   hour

Rating   kW @230V


 W x D x H (mm)

3015521.591001.5289 x 180 x 335






289 x 180 x 431






318 x 198 x 465






318 x 198 x 578






390 x 244 x 600






390 x 299 x 600






390 x 299 x 780





2 x 3.0

515 x 284 x 840


Zip HydroTap Filters Image
Spatec distributors of Zip Water filters | co2 cartridges | Hydrotap filters
Distributing Zip since 1992.

Working closely with Zip to ensure our product knowledge, including training of our service engineers is second to none.

If you require any advice on any of these products, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

Zip HydroTap Accessories - replacement filters, scale filters, tap font, CO2 canisters.

To download Zip's UK Specifier Catalogue 2018

Order the new 93702 G4 Filter which has been in supplied in HydroTaps since early 2017!

What do I do when the filter light comes on?

Your Zip HydroTap will let you know when the filter needs replacing.
The change filter light will flash white once per minute until the filter has been replaced, and the filter percentage will show 0% on the home screen.

To order a replacment filter, either
order online
or give us a call 028 92 699200
Zip HydroTaps Image
Specify an award winning Zip HydroTap, boiling, chilled instant water system

A Hydrotap for every application:

Boiling filtered water, Chilled, Sparkling, Industrial, 4-in-one, All-In-One with a choice of Classic, Arc and Celsius Arc taps.

Zip HydroTap for pure tasting, instant boiling, chilled, sparkling water.
Known globally for being the world's most advanced drinking water system. The ultimate solution for workplace refreshment, delivering a large choice of instant boiling, chilled and sparkling water, all from one tap.

The Zip HydroTap G5 is the world's most advanced drinking water system, combining state-of-the-art technology, Micropurity filration and stunning design.
Zip Spare Parts Image
Zip spares, spare parts including obsolete parts and spares Zip spares, spare parts including obsolete parts and spares
Zip Spares online

As an authorised service provider for Zip Heaters UK, we can provide spares, to keep your Zip product in working order.

We stock 100's of Zip's spares