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Cosmetal Boiling Water Taps

Cosmetal Boiling Water Taps Image
Cosmetal Pro Stream Boiling filtered water

What is a Pro Stream?

The Pro-Stream water boiler is the most practical and quick solution to prepare tea, herbal teas and other hot drinks in just a few seconds!

Say goodbye to waiting around for boiling water. With a touch of a finger, the Pro-Stream instantly dispenses extra hot water at 98° C, the ideal temperature for a variety of hot drinks.

The Pro-Stream water boiler, which includes a built-in heating unit and a coordinated tap, is directly connected to the water mains in order to offer an unlimited and uninterrupted source of extra hot water.

Pro Stream can fill a 250ml mug in 5 seconds to prepare perfect teas, coffee's and hot drinks.

* Under counter installation, space saving feature.
* 98° C constant hot water temperature from the first cup
* Over boil control

Cosmetal Boiling Water Taps
Cosmetal Pro Stream Hot Tap c/w font Image

Cosmetal Pro Stream Hot Tap c/w font
Cosmetal Pro-stream Hot Water tap c/w font and filter

2CB5-S EV9617-22 Image

2CB5-S EV9617-22
Everpure 2CB5-S 5 micron filter, vending, coffee machines. pro-stream