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Zip Hydrotap Spares

Zip HydroTap spare parts
Zip Hydrotap Spares
John Guest Fitting JG125 Image

John Guest Fitting JG125
JG125 John Guest fitting for Hydrotap Mk 2

John Guest Straight Adaptor Image

John Guest Straight Adaptor
John Guest 3/8" x 1/8 BSP Straight Adaotir - Nptf thread

Zip SP87866 Image

Zip SP87866
Zip SP87866 Outlet tube cold assembly tank 3 Litre Hydrotap G3 BC, BCH

Zip SP90026 Image

Zip SP90026
Zip SP90026 Hydrotap tap font extension piece

Zip SP90056 Image

Zip SP90056
Zip SP90056 Braided Inlet Hose 1/2" bsp to 1/2" bsp for

SP90084 Image

Zip Hydrotap Mk 1 All in one - selection of John Guest fittings

Zip SP90614 Image

Zip SP90614
Zip SP90614 Safety Solenoid for BC100/125 - BC150/175

Zip SP90615UK Double Solenoid kit Image

Zip SP90615UK Double Solenoid kit
Zip SP90615UK Double Solenoid Kit BC Hydrotap UK

Zip SP90618 Image

Zip SP90618
Zip SP90618 1.5 kW element for G2 Mk 2 Hydrotap for 3 Ltr boiling tank

Zip SP90619UK Image

Zip SP90619UK
Zip SP90619uk 1.8 kW element for G2 Mk 2 Hydrotap for 5 Ltr boiling tank

Zip SP90622 Image

Zip SP90622
Zip SP90622 3 Litre PCB Kit

Zip SP90633 Image

Zip SP90633
Zip SP90633 Cold Sensor Probe Kit, for

Zip SP90634 Image

Zip SP90634
Zip SP90634 Pump Kit Cold

Zip SP90645 Image

Zip SP90645
Zip SP90645 PCB & Loom for HydroTap

Zip SP90675 Image

Zip SP90675
Zip SP90675 Disabled tap handle kit boiling & chilled

Zip SP90752 Image

Zip SP90752
Zip SP90752 Fan Kit G3 Hydrotap

Zip SP90790 Image

Zip SP90790
Zip SP90790 - Boiling Pump Kit 12V for G2/G3 Hydrotaps

Zip SP90800 Image

Zip SP90800
Zip SP90800 Reed Switch sub assembly kit

Zip SP90872 Image

Zip SP90872
Zip SP90872 3 Ltr tank, pump transformer and level probes

Zip SP90873 Image

Zip SP90873
Zip SP90873 5 Ltr tank, pump transformer and level probes

Zip SP91441 Image

Zip SP91441
Zip SP91441 - G4 Hydrotap Boiling & Chilled outlet pump kit

Zip SP91479 Image

Zip SP91479
Zip SP91479 Stirrer pump lid

Zip SP91482 Image

Zip SP91482
Zip SP91482 G4 Internal Pressure Limiting Valve

Zip SP98799 Image

Zip SP98799
Zip SP98799 Hydrotap replacement silicon hoses 3 x 1 metre length

Zip SP98800 Image

Zip SP98800
Zip SP98800 G4 Hydrotap replacement silicon hoses 3 x 1 metre length

Zip SP99108 Image

Zip SP99108
Zip SP99108 Zip Everpure filter head kit barb.

Zip SP99142 Image

Zip SP99142
Zip SP99142 Zip Hydrotap G2 & G3 Chrome tap head assembly

Zip SP93119 Image

Zip SP93119
Zip SP93119 Hydroboil Overload Kit - see details for suitable models