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Caleffi 22mm Discal Deaerator

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Caleffi 551002 Deaerator. DISCAL® Female connections with drain

Size: 22mm

Product no: 551002


Description: Deaerator. Female connections with drain

Brass body.

Max. working pressure: 10 bar.
Max. discharge pressure: 10 bar.
Temperature range: 0–110°C.

The discal range of air eliminators is designed for use with heating circuits to provide an efficient method of air removal.

International approvals: ACS


Deaerators are used to remove continuously the air contained in the hydraulic circuits of heating and colling systems. The air discharge capacity of these devices is very high. They are capable of removing automatically all the the air present in the sytem down to micro-bubble level.

The circulation of fully de-aerated water enables the equipment to operate under optimum conditions, free from any noise, corrosion, localized overheating or mechanical damage.
Flanged and weld-end versions of Discal deaerators are supplied complete with pre-formed shell insulation to ensure perfect heat insulation when used in both hot and chilled water systems.

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