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Caleffi 520640 1" Thermostatic Mixing Valve

Caleffi 520640 1" Thermostatic Mixing Valve Image
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Detail Image

Caleffi 520640 1" Thermostatic Mixing Valve 40-60 oC

Model: AT520640

Size: 1”

Adjustable thermostatic blending valve.

Body:Brass EN 12165 CW617N, Chrome plated
Obturator:Brass EN 12164 CW614N
Spring:Stainless steel
Sealing elements:EPDM


Max. working pressure (static) 10 bar
Max, working pressure (dynamic) 5 bar

Max inlet pressure ration (H/C or C/H) 1.1:1
Max hot water inlet temperature: 90 °C
Setting range: 40 – 60 °C


The 520 series of mixing valves are used in systems that produce hot water for sanitary purposes with a water storage heater. They are designed to maintain the preset temperature of the mixed water delivered to the user despite variations in the temperature of the water contained in the storage.

Can you be used to protect shower pumps.

International approvals: ACS

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