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Bridgit Burn Resistant Soldering Flux Paste

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Bridgit Burn Resistant Soldering Flux Paste

Net weight: 16 ozs (1 lb) or 453 grams

Stays active to 800 °F
Specific Gravity @ 70°F 1.169
Density: 8.62lbs/gal
PH: 2.40
Melting Point: 140 °F (60 °C)
Reid Vapor Pressure (psig)@ 100 °F .1
Soldering Temperature range: 200 - 800 °F (93 - 427 °C)

Bridgit paste flux operates at higher temperature than ordinary soldering fluxes. Reduces black carbon formations in tube joints that cause voids and result in leaks. Unexcelled for soldering copper, brass, bronze, galvanized and other plumbing fittings. For the strongest plumbing connection, use with Lead-Free nickel bearing solder.


Warning: contains chlorides, Protect yourself and others.
Fume and gases can be hazardous to your health. Burns eyes and skin on contact - can be fatal if swallowed.
* Before use, read and understand the manufacturer's instructions. Material Safety Data Sheet 9 MSDSs), and your employer's safety practices.
* Keep your head out of fumes
* Use enough ventilation, exhaust at the flame, or both, to keep fumes and gases from your breathing zone and the general area.
* Avoid contact of flux with eyes and skin.
* Do not take internally.
* Keep children away when using

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