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Zip G4 HydroTaps Boiling & Chilled

Zip G4 HydroTaps Boiling & Chilled Image
Spatec NI Ltd has been a Zip distributor and service provider in Northern Ireland since 1992.
You can have confidence in knowing that we can help every step of the way in choosing the correct Zip product to meet your needs.

We can arrange shipping around the world. Please let us know and we gladly provide a competitive shipping cost, to the destination of your choice.

The Zip HydroTap G4 is the most advanced, energy and time-saving product that provides instant filtered, boiling, chilled and sparkling drinking water all from one tap.
Zip HydroTaps are air cooled (rather than water). Meaning no excess waster is wasted.

Zip G4 HydroTaps Boiling & Chilled
Zip HT1764UK BC100/75G4 Image

Zip HT1764UK BC100/75G4
Zip Hydrotap HT1764UK BC100/75G4 Boiling and chilled, filtered

Zip HT1799UK BC140/75G4 Image

Zip HT1799UK BC140/75G4
Zip HydroTap HT1799UK BC140/75G4 - Boiling, Chilled and filtered

Zip HT1704UK BC160/175G4 Image

Zip HT1704UK BC160/175G4
Zip HydroTap HT1704UK BC160/175G4 - Boiling chilled and filtered

Zip HT1705UK BC240/175G4 Image

Zip HT1705UK BC240/175G4
Zip HydroTap HT1705UK BC240/175G4 Boiling Chilled and filtered